The wine industry is changing at record pace and, at Vitro Packaging, LLC., we understand the need to respond to these changing trends. The shape and color of a wine bottle communicates to the consumer a great deal about the brand. This is why we have invested in creating the largest stock mold inventory program in North America. We are one of the largest wine bottle manufacturers offering a great variety of Bordeaux, Burgundies and Hocks all in an assortment of glass colors including deadleaf green, flint (clear), antique green, champagne green, emerald green Georgia green, amber, smoke, and “cobalt blue” and a variety of punt and finish options. “Additionally, our secondary packing offerings and pre-labeling systems make Vitro Packaging, LLC. the leader in the glass wine bottle industry.”

We are not only one of the most important Manufacturer of wine bottles in North America but we also have one of the largest varieties of glass wine bottle shapes in the market place. Our wine glass bottles are environmentally friendly decoration that creates high shelf impact.